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Bear Balance Boards brand is founded in Siberia and is located in Moscow since 2014. All our boards are Original models with individual design and handmade production. For best foot traction we cover our boards with the sand from around the world that keeps energy of the most beautiful places on the planet. Each model is perfect for different types of exercises and level of sports training.

Balance board is a personal home trainer which is not only teaches you how to develop your vestibular system and sense of balance, but also helps to keep yourself in good shape. Balance Board is basic training device for extreme sports like surfing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, skimboarding, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding. These types of sports, as well as many others, need a good sense of balance and coordination. Also balance boards are being used in gyms, yoga and fitness centers, because this is best way to develop muscles in unusual and very effective way. Balanceboarding makes exercises harder and more interesting.

Bear Balance Boards are the most soulful and high-quality balance boards in Russia"- DOSKI, established extreme sports Russian magazine.

We don't just make and sell balance boards, we try to develop culture of balanceboarding in Russia and all over the worls. Bear Balance Boards have a wide model range and we are constantly improving the functionality of each board. All year round we conduct master classes, online broadcasts, and outdoor trainings. Every day we post our own video and photo content. Every board is not only the unique product, but also the invitation to the huge Bear Balance Boards' family.

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  • Courier delivery in Moscow: 400 rub Metro station / 500 rubles door-to-door
  • Russia: Del. Lines (terminals or courier)
  • World Delivery: EMS